Thursday, March 09, 2006


The last one month has been a season of float (theppam) festivals at the temples. Guess we can all thank the plentiful rains last year-end that ensured full tanks in the temples across the State. Here is a sampling of the festival at the Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane. The earlier post was from the Kapaliswarar float festival, Mylapore.


ramki said...

Nice series, Balaji. As you said the good rains have ensured that the temple tanks have water in them. Wonder what the religious significance of these float festivals is? Would any of your regular visitors care to enlighten me? Saves me taking the trouble of asking somebody and finding out! Did you notice that the Triplicane temple tank is better maintained than the Kapaleeswarar temple tank? Probably because the crowd that comes to Mylapore is mixed.

R. Balaji said...

Thank You, Ramki.
The Triplicane tank is also a much smaller tank and, festival apart, even on a day-to-day basis there is not much traffic passing through. But the Mylapore tank is at a busy intersection, that could also be a reason why it tougher to maintain the M tank better.

Revathi said...


Its because of the efforts of the active community group in Triplicane. A small dedicated group called Srinivasa Young Men Association. (Most men are no more young!)Please read

Mylapore is catching up. There is a small group called 'Namma Mylapore'. They help in controlling th etraffic on Pradosham days, maintain the garden along the tank on the southern side, organise heritage walks around Mylapore.
They meet at the tank-steps on every 1st Sunday of the month.