Saturday, September 29, 2007

Serpent Eagle at Kaziranga

A serpent eagle at Kaziranga, Assam.
I think I used a tamron 200-400 mm lens at full extension to take this pic. (I was at Kaziranga earlier this year - check out the pics in the wildlife category). Then I cropped the picture to get the bird full frame. Never really expected to get even this result - bird almost merged with the brown background, low light. But it was the first day of the trip into the sanctuary and I could not resist exposing a few frames. Glad I did it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I took this picture a few months back on the outskirts of Tiruchi. I was travelling in an autorickshaw when I saw this beautiful pair on a wire. I did not have my long lens with me but decided to use the 210mm anyway. The guy with the grasshopper in his beak was jittery and took off when I tried to get closer.

This post is not just about the pic but the short conversation with the autorickshaw driver that followed.

The auto-driver told me they are known as `panan-g-kadai.'
(Panai: as in `panai maram' (palm tree) and `Kadai' as in quail.)
Do you like birds, he asked.
Yes, I like to take pictures of birds, I said.
I too like birds. They are very tasty, he said.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Car and dance

A couple of pictures from an event - a car company setting up a facility near Chennai. I had taken the camera with me hoping to take photos of some new models but the subject turned out to be more interesting than I had expected.