Saturday, May 28, 2005

Remember the bioscope ? or is it the `bayascope.' 3-D images, digital projections are all fine. But these contraptions still hold a charm. Sadly, you do not see them often on Chennai roads nowadays. Posted by Hello
Wet clay pots being arranged in a kiln for baking. Pic taken at a village near Tirunelveli a town in southern part of Tamil Nadu. This is a major industry in the area. Posted by Hello
Potters at a kiln. Pic taken in a village near Tirunelveli. Posted by Hello
Wet clay pots being arranged in a kiln. Some villages near Tiruvelveli specialise in pottery. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fishermen setting out for the day. Marina, Chennai. Posted by Hello
Nothing like a dip in the sea first thing in the morning. At the marina, Chennai. Posted by Hello
Morning dip. A scene at the Marina, Chennai.  Posted by Hello
At the Amman temple, Darasuram, Kumbakonam. Posted by Hello
Two pilgrims take a break inside the temple. I wanted to take a few more pics of these two but a very `obliging' watchman came running, woke up those two and chased them away saying, "Sir is taking photographs. You are disturbing him."  Posted by Hello
The Amman temple next to the Airavatesvara Temple.  Posted by Hello
Inside the Airavateswar temple. Posted by Hello
A view of the main entrance to the Airavateswara temple at Darasuram near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Luz Church, built in 1516, at Mylapore, Chennai. Pic taken last year at its annual festival. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Weavers outside the Airawateswara Temple at Darasuram near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Posted by Hello
An interesting sculpture at the Airawateswara Temple, Darasuram near Kumbakonam. Concentrate on either the left or right half of the image and you will see why it is interesting. Posted by Hello