Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Spotted deer grazing at the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan.  Posted by Picasa
Spotted deer - Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan. Posted by Picasa
A tree pie - at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Gangaikondacholapuram, near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu.

A few pics of the Shiva Temple at Gangaikondacholapuram, Tamil Nadu. Constructed by Rajendrachola, the son of Rajaraja Cholan who constructed the Brihadiswara Temple at Thanjavur.
The Gangaikondacholapuram temple near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. When I was their a few years back the Archaeological Survey of India was handling some restoration work - so that ugly cap of thatch on the temple dome, which I have partly camouflaged with the palm tree leaves. Maybe I will be luckier on my next visit... sometime. Posted by Picasa
A closer view of the sculptures on the temple walls. More detailed view below. Posted by Picasa
A view of the Shiva temple at Gangaikondacholapuram, near Kumbakonam Tamil Nadu. The Nandi, in the forefront is made of lime and mortar. Posted by Picasa
Another view of the Nandi. Gangaikondacholapuram, near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Posted by Picasa
The Chandesa-anugraha murthy. Shiva blesses one of the saivite saints. A statue at Gangaikondacholapuram, near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Posted by Picasa
The Kamadahanamurthy - the form in which Shiva destroys Kama, the god of love, after being disturbed by Kama while meditating.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Airavateswara Temple, Darasuram, Tamil Nadu.

I have posted a series of pics that give some details of the sculptures at the Airavateswara Temple at Darasuram. (Check out May 2005 archives that show an overview of this temple and the Devanayaki Amman (goddess) temple next to it.) This was constructed by Raja Raja Chola the second, a descendant of the Raja Raja who constructed the Brihadisvara Temple at Thanjavur.
A hall in the Airavateswara Temple, at Darasuram. The temple was constructed by Raja Raja Chola - II (AD - 1146-1173). This hall is constructed like a horse-drawn chariot. It is believed to have inspired the Sun Temple at Konark, according to the book `Thamizh Nattu-k Kalai Kovilgal.'  Posted by Picasa
A closer view of the statue. Posted by Picasa
A statue of Veerabadran in a niche in the Darasuram temple.  Posted by Picasa
Sculptures on the Darasuram Temple walls.  Posted by Picasa
A stairwall sculpture at Darasuram, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

I am not surprised. If Hanuman is around (check out October 2005 in archives) can Ram be far behind? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Big Temple. Here are a series of pics that give a closer view of the temple. Posted by Picasa
The entrance to the Big Temple.I was lucky to catch it in the early morning glow. The two massive figures guarding the doorway, `dwarapalakas,' are a common feature in the Chola temples in Gangaikondacholapuram and at Darasuram. Posted by Picasa
The outer gopurams seen from inside the temple. The statue of shiva thandavam in pic below is I think on the outer side of the tower to the left. Posted by Picasa
The Nandhi facing the temple. This is carved from a single rock. Posted by Picasa
A stair wall in the Darasuram Temple (see also May 2005 in archives), not in the Big Temple as I had mentioned earlier, sorry. Posted by Picasa
A detail from one of the outer towers (gopuram) - Shiva's `urthava thandavam.' Posted by Picasa
Saraswati, the goddess of learning. Posted by Picasa