Thursday, May 03, 2007

At the Beach

The Chennai beach never ceases to offer variety - each time you land up there it has something new on offer. About ten days back it was a special occassion - the Indian Airforce was putting on a special show.
Just minutes before the show was to start, the beach was getting crowded and I saw this group serenely going through their prayer. I kneeled down to one side and waited to catch the eye of the guy leading the prayer - got his go ahead - and started clicking away. What caught my eye was the unhurried way they went about their ritual without being bothered by the crowd... like I had mentioned in the Kapaleeswarar Temple posting earlier... this too was an island of concentration in the midst of the hurry and bustle of the crowd.

Minutes later they packed up and left and the crowd was treated to a cloudburst, I think that is the term to this particular move, by the Suryakirans - the aerobats of the IAF
...and this...

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