Sunday, November 20, 2005

A hall in the Airavateswara Temple, at Darasuram. The temple was constructed by Raja Raja Chola - II (AD - 1146-1173). This hall is constructed like a horse-drawn chariot. It is believed to have inspired the Sun Temple at Konark, according to the book `Thamizh Nattu-k Kalai Kovilgal.'  Posted by Picasa


ramki said...

As usual nice pictures. Good to have you back with more pictures after more than a week.

tilotamma said...

Hi there, Did you speak to that preist cum guide at Darauram?

I can't believe how abanddoned that place looks

R. Balaji said...

Thank You, Ramki.

Tilotamma: No, I did not see him. And yes, all three places - Big Temple, Darasuram and Gangaikondacholapuram - will look pretty deserted most of the time. Except in the mornings when tourist buses land up and on festive occassions.