Sunday, November 06, 2005

A detail from one of the outer towers (gopuram) - Shiva's `urthava thandavam.' Posted by Picasa


tilotamma said...

Ilove this one.
Haven't seen it in real life - can't believe I missed it.

R. Balaji said...

It cannot be seen clearly from ground level. You have to get on to the walls.
This statue is on the outer side of the second gopuram. There is a ramp that takes you to the top. It is from this wall I got the view of the third gopuram and the main gopuram together - the first pic in the series.

tilotamma said...

I have to go back. I missed that Swamimalai bronze center the first time.

I remember taking a pair of binoculars along. Watching a TV show on the temples made me realize most of the details on the gopurams can't be seen from below anyways. My dad said it was the most sensible thing I had ever done :-).