Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crowds gather around musicians at the Kapaleewarar Temple festival, Mylapore. Pic taken a few years back. Posted by Picasa


Lakshmi said...

My family hails from a small village in Tanjavur distrrict. A few years back, people in my village got together and renovated the village temple. We had the temple Kumbabishekam. People from our village who have settled down in various parts of India came. What I liked the most was the colours in the whole atmosphere of our village during that time. Colours of the decorated gods and godesses, women and girls in their sarees and pavadais and the small shops that had spurng up in this tiny village suddenly from nowhere selling colourful trinklets. Your pictures remind me of these scenes.

R. Balaji said...

Lakshmi, glad you like the pics. Thank you.
I too like the way a neighbourhood - even within a large city like Chennai - transforms during a temple festival.