Thursday, April 05, 2007


It was a misty morning at Kaziranga Sanctuary, my friends and I were on elephant back, when we came on this pair. The mist, the trees in the background, the greenery, the mother and calf... it was so peaceful.

This one below, a cow elephant in the swamps at Kaziranga. She had just finished a big meal of the grass and was getting up to leave. The egrets around her were feasting on the insects that were exposed by all the grass she uprooted. The mynah on her back was busy pecking away at the dirt on her back.
She would grab a clump of grass with her trunk, swish it around in the water to wash away the mud and before putting it into mouth. We were in a open-topped jeep on a track about 50 feet away.


Just.Cliking said...

Really peaceful.

APAM NAPAT said...

cow elephant?

R. Balaji said...

:) Sorry. I meant a she-elephant or actually a mother.
I planned to post some pics that would have made the point relevant.
But here is the story.
When we came on the herd we were on a road, in an open jeep, that cut through the swamp. We realised that three young ones were separated on one side with the main herd on the other.
That really upset the herd. The calves were trumpeting, the adults were doing a bit of deep breathing, grumbling and tossing mud behind a screen of tall grass lining the road. We stayed there hoping they would show themselves to be photographed.
The calves, nearly adults actually ( :) bulls or cows I know not) finally darted across the road to join the herd. And we got some decent pics.
One of them, to show his irritation, actually made to rush us, changed its mind before scrambling down the slope leading to the swamp.