Sunday, December 10, 2006

I give up.
Tried all the suggestions on blogger help and have not been able to post images on blogger beta. Guess I will just have to wait it out till the thing is debugged.


TWLee said...

Frustrating for all of us...

Have you tried sending feedback about this issue? Not very competent if they push out a half-baked beta version but don't respond to feedback soon enough.

tilotamma said...

OK that is the reason for the break. was wondering what's happening with you.

Ramnath said...

Try opening a new blogger account. Post pictures there and use this tag [img src="http://......"] to display the images here. It's a round about way, and makes things more complicated for you.

But then, it will make so many of us happy!

Anonymous said...

Try uploading the photo from Flickr
or coppy the code in flickr and paste in posting page.
Sathiyan S

R. Balaji said...

Hi, first, sorry for the delay in replying.
TWLEE: Yes. There is a feedback form on beta, which I sent to them two/three days back. I have not checked for replies yet.
TILOTAMMA: Yes. Maybe I should have posted about the problem earlier. Then I would have got the suggestions for getting around the glitch earlier.
RAMNATH AND SATHIYAN: Thanks - I will try both options later tonight. Wish me luck.
Sathiyan, please consider allowing comments on your blog - you have been posting fantastic pics.
And On Beta Blogger I noticed that the link list appeared but the labels have disappeared.

Anonymous said...


it worked for me. are you continuing to try?

thanks for the great photos of the stamps.

- s.b.

Just.Cliking said...

You mean to say that you are unable to comment on my page..?
I have selected "any one can comment." Ok let me check it once again..
Thanks for the feed back!
Sathiyan S

WA said...

:( like Tilo I too was wondering, hope things get sorted out soon

R. Balaji said...

WA: Thank you for your wishes. Am no trying through flickr