Monday, April 03, 2006

A visitor returns as another

See below a pic of Hanuman, that is his name, as Arjuna. The last time he came home was in October 2005 when he was decked up as Hanuman.
He was here last week and spent some time talking. He is from Andhra Pradesh but his community, the Badaga Jangamma, has its roots in Karnataka. They are known as the `Hagalu Veshagarlu' (literal meaning: daytime disguised-ones). Every time there is a function, like a wedding, in the family they do a tour in some disguise before the event, he said.
Hanuman promptly brought out a large file from his bag and showed photos of himself with VIPs (politicians and cops) from the Southern States, some of them had given him a character reference. That is like an ID on his travels, he said.
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Revathi said...

Oh.. my God! This is like Senthil's 'vazhapazham' story!.. Hanuman - Arjuna - Hanuman!!!!

R. Balaji said...