Thursday, October 20, 2005

Look who I saw walking down Chennai's streets the other day - Hanuman. He even dropped in at my place, and let me take some photos after I agreed to give him a copy the next time he came. Posted by Picasa


Vishal said...

Hi Balaji, I found your site through Ravi Kumar's blog. I love the pictures! Especially the Ranthambore shots (the pink sari woman drinking shot is my favourite) and the Onam festival ones (the Theyyam dancer shot conveys the energy very nicely).

Being a photographer (and sometime photo-blogger) I curious as to what kind of camera you use. I use an Olympus C-4000z.

Will check back on this blog often. Keep snapping great pics!


R. Balaji said...

Thank You and Welcome, Vishal. Keep visiting. I enjoyed going through your blog too.
Cameras: Nikon FM2 & Nikon F50
Lenses: Nikon 28 - 105; Tamron 70 - 300; Sigma 24 mm

Anonymous said...

Hi Balaji,
Absolutely amazing photos !!! You have captured the pulse of South India with its myriad colors.

B Radha Krishnamurthy